A GOREgeous Collection of Silent Horror Web series

An adult comic series Silent Horror, Dark Box invites fans of horror to discover their inner dark side. Silent Horror will bring you an emotion roller coaster through intricate illustrations and story plots.

Silent Horror Vol.1 to 3 Collection

Silent Horror is a webcomic anthology created by veteran Malaysian comic artist – KS. The episodes are in various genres, including suspense, horror, and psychological thriller. Although it often concludes with a macabre or unexpected twist, it is usually with a moral.

Each of these dark and creepy comics has a surprise and frightening surprise at the end, with the added twist of no dialogue. Warning: these illustrations that are not for the faint of heart.

Scroll down below to check out Dark Box’s terrifying series and if you have a disturbing imagination beware!

Silent Horror Collection Vol.4

Note from the creator, KS
Have you ever truly felt fear in your life? I mean, real fear?
Everyone has skeletons in their closet? I mean, everyone.
So, what really makes you feel spine-tingling fear?
Does the following send chills up your spine?

  • On a man’s smartphone, a video of a young girl entangled and killed by
    her own intestine.
  • A girl finds out that the man she knew as “Grandpa” turns out to be her
    long-lost father. Why did he keep his identity a secret?
  • A nanny mumbles to the mirror, “if it weren’t you who seduced the master,
    then you won’t die so miserably…”
  • I often see a contractor with a long, thick rope come and work on my
    house, but the house is never renovated. My mother’s body always has
    some bruises…
    There are times in our lives when we feel fear that takes our breath away.
  • How did my doll go from the shelf to my bed while I was asleep? And,
    how did it get torn into a million pieces?
  • That dark spot on the wall seems to be getting darker with each passing
    day, and it seems like there’s black hair growing from it…
  • I keep hearing the haunting screams of a young child nearby…
  • As a kid, I liked to collect different types and colors of glass balls and
    store them in a jar. When I opened it up one day, many bloody eyeballs
    rolled out and stared a hole through me…
    That soul-shaking, spine-tingling fear we all dread comes from the deep
    recesses of our minds, no matter if the actual source of that fear is based
    in the real world or just in the vivid realms of our imaginations. One
    thing is certain: We can never escape this everpresent fear- it is a part of
    us, forever with us. Welcome to the Fulcrum of Fear!

Silent Horror Sexy Cosplay by Fan From China

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