One-night stand

A flight attendant Marry recently shared a story on her own in Youtube channel, claiming that it’s ‘More terrifying than ghost story’. It turned out that in 2012 when her colleague Jane flew to New York, he met men at the nightclub, and immediately they went back to the hotel and have a one-night stand. This seemingly ordinary one-night stand situation but turned out to be the horrifying case.
After Jane met the handsome man in the nightclub, she was invited by the man to his house. But Jane invited the man to the hotel where she lived instead. The fire was directly detonated. On the way of returning home, Jane began to feel the “something unusual” growing in her mouth. After that, the situation became more and more serious and even affected her daily life. Jane immediately went to see the doctor once she arrived in Hong Kong.
When Jane went to a doctor, Jane did not mention what had happened that night to the doctor. The doctor took some samples of the germs from her mouth. The result was terrifying! The germs in Jane’s mouth were not supposed to be found in a living human. Jane has to tell the truth to the doctor.
While everyone thought that this was “ghostly” experiences, but the truth turned out to be more horrifying. After the police investigation, the man was found to be a murderer/necrophilia who lived in New York. He often looks for his prey in the night club. That is to say, Jane nearly became his victim that night. Fortunately, a condom was used during that night or Jane will be miserable for the rest of her life.

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